Untitled Till Titled
Solo pop-up show
Craft Space
22 Martin St.
Reno, NV
July 23 - Aug 2, 2015
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Womenace 2 Society

Carpeneter by Trade

3 Gates with Roses

Untitled (Red)

Vigilia (sold)

Empire, NV

The Shields Shield

Family in Emeryville

Exposed Writer


Sunsets and Daughters of America (St. Louis)

Sunsets and Daughters of America II (St. Louis)

No Outlet (St. Louis)

We Used to See a Horizon

Page Peeker

We Used to See a Horizon / Page Peeker wide

Not the Same Without You (Mexico City)

What's a Mile (installation)

Metal Door I (swan)

Metal Door II (girl)

Metal Door III (MainMaternity)

It's Just Not The Same Without You

Loneliest Tag In The World

The Act Is The Whole Point Of It
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Digital Video, 4:13 min., 2014

Following the news of Officer Darren Wilson's indictment I travelled to Ferguson, MO. I spent the next 48 sleepless hours visiting Michael Brown's memorial as well as creating countless other memorials for some of the 150+ homicides in St. Louis just this year (2014). This video is a mini portrait of several public works scattered throughout St. Louis.